About My Blog

I’m Alex and this is my gluten-free lifestyle blog. Welcome to GlutenFreeAlex 🙂

I started this blog because I found out in early 2016, after many months of trial and error, that I was intolerant to gluten. I have to admit I did feel a little lost. I had no idea. At first I thought it was going to be really difficult to find anything to eat at all, let alone still enjoy what I was eating! This blog began when I found out that enjoying food doesn’t end when you’re diagnosed with a food intolerance or disorder.

My aim is to provide a little inspiration in the world of gluten-free living. Yes, I have days where I get frustrated that I can’t eat that glorious cake everyone else is eating,. Yes, I still fancy toast in the morning. Yes, I REALLY miss Yorkshire puddings with Sunday lunch. But at the same time, I’d rather pass if I know that I’m not going to feel terrible afterwards. It took a few weeks to work on my mindset and create the behaviour-change of saying no to certain foods and actually be genuinely okay with it. It works though. Next time you get offered that slice of cake you can’t have, just think of how great you’ll feel because of it, and it’s okay, ‘cos later on you’re going to have that really indulgent gluten-free cookie that you baked the other night 😉 It probably tastes better, you know.

My posts will hopefully show that you can still enjoy the foods you love, whilst living a gluten-free lifestyle. I’ll post everything from great recipes I come across, amazing food products to try, to really awesome gluten-free restaurants I’ve found whilst out and about on my travels.

A little about me… I’m a newly married, enthusiastic ‘life is all about having fun’ 30-something Londoner. I enjoy life in the big smoke and ‘try’ to embrace everything that life has to throw at me. It makes you who you are, right? I love to travel, try new foods and find something new to try often – everything from relaxing weekends away to novel random events to crazy cycling trips to Paris! I work in advertising and have family both here and in the Philippines which makes for some great cultural trips and food adventures!

I’d love to hear from you so if you have any comments or anything to share, do get in touch!

As always, love and no-gluten, Alex x