Carioca Brazilian Street Food, BoxPark Croydon: London Pop-Up Review

I went down to south London to visit BoxPark Croydon so I could try out what I’d heard were some delicious gluten free dishes at Brazilian street food pop-up – Carioca.

Carioca was originally established in Brixton in 2012 where their permanent Brazilian restaurant still stands today, but the guys at Carioca have since taken up a stall in the bustling BoxPark Croydon to allow even more of us to try their delights!

Carioca’s BoxPark Croydon stall is awesome, with quirky accents and a colourful set up. It brings the colours and excitement of Rio, right here to south London! Just take a look at this cheeky fellow… 🙂

I was super excited by Carioca’s menu with lots of choice for gluten free. Take a look at the full food menu on their website here. The staff are very clued up on which dishes are gluten free and recommended I try one of their faves – the Copacabana Maize Muffin. Just the name of this dish sounded amazing, I couldn’t wait to try!

If you go give Carioca a visit, be prepared for some serious meal-time portions. These guys are super generous, so you know you’re getting a lot for your buck. It’s very impressive when the dish comes out piled absolutely high in delicious Rio colours and flavours.

Just take a look at my epic Copacabana Maize Muffin…! It’s an amazing combo of a poached egg on pulled braised beef, fried plantain and black bean stew arranged over a homemade maize muffin, topped with sour cream and rocket! Absolutely delicious. I just can’t tell you how much I loved the sweet plantain mixed into this dish too, it really makes it alongside the richness of the beef, and the texture of the maize muffin hiding underneath it all.

And if that wasn’t enough, I also ordered a side of Cassava Chips as I was curious to try them out! They were so yummy – to think that a healthy vegetable like Cassava can taste so good as a fried chip is incredible 🙂

BoxPark Croydon is an awesome venue with absolutely tonnes of different foodie stalls and bars, plus it’s right next to East Croydon station meaning it’s pretty easy for South Londoners to get to! If you go, make sure to seek out the brilliant Carioca and give their menu a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you Carioca for an amazing Brazilian experience, some delicious authentic street food and your beautiful smiles in the south of London 🙂

Love and no-gluten, Alex x


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