Pescaria, Polignano & Milan, Italy: Restaurant Review

We stumbled on this amazing place, totally by accident during our first day at Polignano A Mare, Puglia in Italy. It was pouring with rain and so we wanted somewhere to take cover, have a bite to eat and a glass of something to start off the holiday.

We walked around one of the Polignano squares in the rain until we saw the place the whole town must have been – Pescaria. It was the only place that was full to the brim of people having a great time with a fun atmosphere.

When we walked in, it was a grab any seats you can find vibe, with lots of people crowded around the bar making orders. It felt very local and so we were loving it 🙂 Everyone seems to have ordered the famous Pescaria sandwich which I was getting a little downhearted about not being able to eat, until my husband spotted that they offered gluten free buns too! Score.

This opened up about 75% of the menu to be gluten free, so at this point I knew I was in the right spot 😉 I went for the Tuna Tartare Panini and asked for the gluten free version with an ice cold glass of white wine.

The Tuna Tartare Panini comes with loads of fresh tuna, burrata mozzarella, fresh tomato, basil pesto sauce and caper oil, all served in a freshly baked gluten free bread bun. I wish I could describe to you just how tasty this sandwich was – the tuna was so fresh with the sauce, and the mozzarella made it slightly rich too – a delicious combination all tucked up in the soft bread.

The dishes all come out as they are ready, with the staff walking around the restaurant calling out order numbers – everyone just puts up their hands if it is them and the dish gets dropped of at your table. All a little hectic, but the vibe is so fun.

Take a look at the full menu here and see just how much gluten free choice Pescaria have to offer – it’s brilliant! Look out for any dishes without a wheat sign next to it.

They have restaurants in both Polignano A Mare but also in Milan too – see here for address locations. So next time you are in either north or south Italy, I urge you to get to them! They are a fantastic gluten free surprise!

Love and no-gluten, Alex x


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