Schar Gluten Free: Newly Launched! Sourdough, Hamburger Buns, Chocolate Chip Buns & Viennese Biscuits!

I’ve had lots of gluten free goodies to try recently in the form of Schar, because they have recently launched an absolute TONNE of new products to satisfy our gluten free cravings! I’m super excited to review the following Schar products, both deliciously savoury and super sweet, each one is perfect for when you need that extra special treat…

First up…

Schar Gluten Free Deli Style Sourdough Bread

I used to love sourdough bread and was a little heartbroken when I could no longer have it, so when I realised that Schar were launching a gluten free version, I was ecstatic! It doesn’t disappoint either, the artisanal style bread bread is delicious, with just the right texture and huge slices too! Perfect with brunches once more…

Schar Gluten Free Hamburger Buns

So handy to have these stocked in the cupboard during BBQ season! Whip these out and you have a tasty burger in a gluten free hamburger bun in no time. It’s a great bread, great shape and holds together nicely. Each pack comes with a pack of four buns and is also suitable for vegans.



Schar Gluten Free Viennese Biscuits

Completely melt-in-the-mouth biscuit perfection. With Viennese biscuits there is always the expectation of it being melt in the mouth, so with the gluten free version I wondered whether this would still be the case. Amazingly, Schar have nailed it and it still upholds it’s biscuit perfection 😉


Schar Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Buns (my favourites!)

I couldn’t get enough of these and I’m glad I had a couple of packets handy! These are the perfect snack for after work, or even a bit of a treat at the weekend for breakfast 😉 Each bread roll is packed with chocolate chips, making them really sweet and perfect either on their own, or with a smidgen of butter (you can even warm them slightly in the oven so the chocolate chips melt a little, amazing!) They kind of remind me of hot cross buns too…

There we have it – Schar’s latest, absolutely brilliant gluten free offerings. I absolutely love Schar and the quality and frequency they bring out their gluten free products – they keep me happy and sane as a gluten-free’er! Go try these out!

Love and no-gluten, Alex x


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