Chipotle – Eat To Your Own Beat: Customised Menu

I was very lucky to be invited to the launch event of Chipotle‘s Eat To Your Own Beat this week. The delicious Mexican Grill restaurant has launched an online interactive dietary tool, showing how easy it is to customise your meal whether trying to avoid gluten, dairy, eating vegan or looking to add that extra protein into your diet 😉

The launch event was an evening full of delicious Mexican grilled food, margaritas and more! It was so fun trying all the different dishes whilst catching up with some fellow gluten free bloggers – photo booth and all! It was a brilliant way to really discover all the different food combinations that Chipotle offer, as well as discovering even more combinations using their new online dietary tool!

To go gluten free at Chipotle, it’s super simple. Just order ANYTHING without the flour tortilla. It’s literally the only thing that is a no-go which I think is just incredible. Every other option is gluten free and all good!

I opted to try the Gluten-Free Chicken Bowl which is the set gluten free dish when you just can’t make your mind up on the combos! It’s made up of grilled chicken marinated in an adobo sauce (my Filipino fave), lime coriander white rice, pinto beans, cheese and a tomato salsa. I also had a topping of the delicious guacamole and some tortilla chips on the side 😉 Needless to say I was absolutely stuffed by the end of it…

What I thought was extra great, is that after I gave the staff my gluten free order, they immediately changed their gloves and washed their hands to limit contamination. Although there is a slight chance this could still happen, it’s great to know that this is front of mind at Chipotle and that they are trying to limit it.


Eat To Your Own Beat is a great way to access all the allergen or dietary information you need online, meaning you get to easily see your ‘Go For It’ and your ‘No Go’ foods before you head to, or whilst you’re in the restaurant. I love it when brands provide this type of information and somehow make it so easy to navigate through – the days of those pesky food allergy tables might be over soon!

Chipotle allows for more than 60,000 possible ingredient combinations (whoa, I know) so the new online tool will help to find the right combination for your diet – including gluten free, high protein, vegetarian, vegan, paleo and dairy free. Have a play with Chipotle’s Eat To Your Own beat tool here and check out all the amazing combinations you can have!

Chipotle have six restaurants across London, as well as venues in the USA and Canada. Find your nearest Chipotle by accessing their locations page here.

What’s more – I have teamed up with Chipotle to give you a chance to win a burrito bowl for you and a friend! Head to my GlutenFreeAlex_ Instagram page here for more details and for the chance to win! Giveaway runs from Wednesday 31st May until Sunday 4th June 2017 and is open to UK-only addresses.

Thank you Chipotle for a brilliant evening and for recognising the importance of different diets!

Love and no-gluten, Alex x


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