Joe & The Juice, Gluten Free Sandwiches: Lunch Spot

I love Joe & the Juice for it’s awesome lunch vibe and great gluten free sandwich options. Every time I walk in there they are playing loud music to wake me up from my work focus, it’s a great refresher in the middle of the day 😉


I’ve always been a fan of their sandwich choice as they have the most delicious filling combinations, but it wasn’t until a few months back that I realised they offered gluten free sandwiches too!

You can choose any sandwich from their menu and they will make it with gluten free bread for you at a small additional cost – gluten free ciabatta at that. Their sandwich flavour combos range from a Joe’s Club sandwich, to Serrano Ham with mozzarella and avocado, to my personal favourite – a Spicy Tuna sandwich which contains tuna, jalapeños, tabasco, tomato and pesto.

The clue is in the name though – Joe and the Juice also serve up the most delicious juices and shakes, great for any time of the day. They offer combos of super healthy veggie blitzes like the Joe’s Green Mile with broccoli, spinach, avocado, apple and lemon, or more of a tactical Hangover Heaven with apple, elderflower and mint to refresh you in the morning.

Give them a try and let me know what you think!

Love and no-gluten, Alex x


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