Cafe Du Soilei, Canterbury: Restaurant Review

A day trip to Canterbury allowed me to come across this brilliant restaurant: Cafe Du Soilei. They have a menu that devotes itself to wood fired cuisine with influences from France and Italy. Their menu changes all the time, which means you're also getting the most seasonal dishes from them. The restaurant is located right … Continue reading Cafe Du Soilei, Canterbury: Restaurant Review

Carluccio’s Gluten-Free Menu

Carluccio's has always been a favourite when it comes to Italian restaurants in London. I am so pleased that I've discovered their gluten-free menu that is full of variety and choice! I went for lunch recently with a friend of mine as I'd heard that their gluten-free menu was particularly good. It was a brilliant list … Continue reading Carluccio’s Gluten-Free Menu

Homemade Carluccio’s Mushroom Pasta Recipe

My recent blog post tells about the surprise hamper that Peroni & Carluccio's sent me to try. In the hamper was a whole range of gluten-free goodies including the new Peroni GF beer that has launched in the UK - woo hoo! There were lots of tasty Carluccio's products in the hamper, so I decided … Continue reading Homemade Carluccio’s Mushroom Pasta Recipe

Gluten-Free Peroni Beer at Carluccio’s

I'm super excited. The gluten-free beer that I discovered when I visited Italy recently is launching in the UK! Amazing. Peroni Nastro Azzuro has launched it's new gluten-free beer in partnership with Carluccio's restaurants and I cannot be more excited to try it. I was lucky enough to be sent  a surprise hamper full of this amazing gluten-free … Continue reading Gluten-Free Peroni Beer at Carluccio’s

The Charles Dickens, Broadstairs

Broadstairs. What a lovely seaside town! Just look at it. Picturesque scenes of families playing by the sea, a row of beach huts in every colour imaginable lining the sandy coast and on this particular day, blue skies and sunshine. A perfect day! We visited Broadstairs on many a good recommendation and we weren't disappointed. … Continue reading The Charles Dickens, Broadstairs

Gluten-Free Bacon & Vegetable Pie Recipe

I'd never baked a pie before but I'd recently heard of Silly Yak gluten-free ready-to-roll pastry and thought I'd give it a shot! Get it? Ceiloac, Sil-ly-Yak 😉 I'm not going to lie, I've never been any good with pastry. I once attempted baking gingerbread men and couldn't get the raw pastry dough off my … Continue reading Gluten-Free Bacon & Vegetable Pie Recipe

Bellevue, Wandsworth: Restaurant Review

What a lovely little restaurant! Bellevue is a lovely, authentic French restaurant on Wandsworth Common in London. I had been past it many times and it always looked so cosy and inviting from the outside. The restaurant benefits from a clear, glass rooftop which is amazing in the summer months and makes it super cosy when it's raining or … Continue reading Bellevue, Wandsworth: Restaurant Review