Gluten Free Prawn Thai Curry Recipe: Simply Cook

I recently ordered the gluten free Simply Cook box - a box full of spices and flavour pastes delivered straight to your door, and small enough to fit through your letterbox. I wanted to try this as I thought I would be a good way to learn some new recipes and get some food inspiration. … Continue reading Gluten Free Prawn Thai Curry Recipe: Simply Cook

Yushoi Gluten Free Rice Sticks

I think I may have a small addiction to these Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks! Inspired by Japanese snacks, Yushoi rice sticks are made from green peas and rice - something I wouldn't necessarily think was a tasty description, but with Yushoi - they have made them delicious! The gluten free rice sticks are baked and then … Continue reading Yushoi Gluten Free Rice Sticks

The Oxo Tower Brasserie: London Restaurant Review

Dinner with an amazing view at The Oxo Tower Brasserie. We decided to dine here recently as a special evening for date night. The setting was beautiful, overlooking the whole London skyline with all the twinkling lights of the city. We began the evening with a cocktail of the day - a concoction of spices, … Continue reading The Oxo Tower Brasserie: London Restaurant Review

Mallow & Marsh Chocolate Bars

I'm a massive fan of Mallow & Marsh bars! They remind me of a lighter, gluten-free version of a Mars chocolate bar! Dreamy. Mallow and Marsh produce gooey, fluffy marshmallows that are then coated in creamy chocolate, producing a delicious sweet treat bar. They take pride in where they source their ingredients - from their … Continue reading Mallow & Marsh Chocolate Bars

Candy Kittens Gluten Free Gourmet Sweets

Well these are more-ish and simply mouth-watering! A new contender in the Free From aisle, I noticed these premium and colourful gourmet sweets whilst looking for some new snacks to try. Candy Kittens are a gourmet candy made from natural ingredients, including real fruit juices, and are gluten-free too! The sweets contain natural flavouring and natural colourings.The … Continue reading Candy Kittens Gluten Free Gourmet Sweets

The Lab Guilt Free Gluten Free Pizza

Selfridges Food Hall on Oxford Street in London is full of gluten-free choice. I went for a wander recently and discovered shelves of gluten-free goodies - from savoury to sweet! One of my favourite finds was a posh pizza. The Lab Guilt Free Pizza is a tongue-twistingly mix of organic, gluten-free, probiotic pizza! Sound healthy … Continue reading The Lab Guilt Free Gluten Free Pizza

Sweet Potato & Swede Mash Recipe

Sunday's call for Sunday Roasts. I love a good roast dinner - delicious meat with crispy roast potatoes, fresh veg and gravy. Sometimes we will take a little wander to a local British pub and treat ourselves to a Sunday lunch which will usually come served with delicious sides and more! The rare times when … Continue reading Sweet Potato & Swede Mash Recipe